Friday 4 September 2009

Motorsports on Sky, ESPN

Not that anyone would ever want to read it, but the advantage of a blog over Twitter or Facebook is that you can be a bit more expansive, especially if you want to moan - so here goes!

Why do the people running sports like DTM or A1GP think it's a good idea to be shown on Pay-to-view channels like ESPN or Sky Sports? When A1GP started I reluctantly signed up for the basic Sky Sports package to watch. Unfortunately they kept switching the coverage across their channels, so often I couldn't see the races live (you only get half the channels on the basic package), and sometimes I wouldn't even get to see the highlights. Eventually I gave up and cancelled the Sky Sports package. The cost of all these services is based on Football fans wanting to see the games, which makes sense as there's lots of it shown there. For the odd race every other weekend it doesn't add up.

So if, by some bizarre set of circumstances, anyone at the ITR ever reads this - please stop messing about and move the UK DTM coverage back to Motors TV!

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